Get to know us

a+i stands for analysis and integration. Analytical and methodical procedures combined with an integrative approach and mindset for the development of complex systems.

Since 2002, we support and consult integrators, OEMs, suppliers and developers, mainly in the aviation, automotive and energy industries.

Our interdisciplinary team consists of engineers, physicists and mathematicians. We are engineers and experts in IT, we connect systems understanding and know how. We apply modern procedures systems engineering and best aerospace industry practices in combination with modern software and tools.

We make complexity manageable and support our customers from identifying goals through initial modelling and design to certification and beyond.

Our Goal

The satisfaction of our customers is our primary goal. We understand your needs and deliver solutions, on time and with highest quality.

To reach that goal, we continuously evaluate and improve our processes and train our employees in state-of-the-art procedures and methods. This way we ensure reliability and sustainability.

We are convinced that technical progress provides the basis for solving the problems of our time and want to help ensure that technically sophisticated solutions are successfully and sustainably implemented.

Our Approach


  • structured methodical thinking and proceeding
  • standardized development processes of the aviation industry
  • project and industry proven
  • highest quality standards / continuous improvement


  • thorough documentation
  • traceable decisions
  • expandable solutions
  • validable, verifiable, certifiable
  • detection and management of risks, assumptions and uncertainties


  • effective management of requirements-, project- and quality
  • accurate reporting and transparent communication
  • communicative and flexible teams


  • focus on realistic and sustainable solutions
  • capture and understand requirements
  • recognize, model and analyse functional and physical interdependences
  • sound adaption of creative approaches


  • abstraction to see the big picture, but focus and attention when caring for details
  • combine new procedures with existing processes and skills
  • establish consistent tools and process chains
  • seamless cooperation of departments and teams


  • master engineering and IT
  • know the aspects of product development and interactions
  • understand and communicate with experts of different fields

Our Team

Our young and motivated team of highly qualified specialists at Berlin-Adlershof Technology Park offers an international and interdisciplinary environment in which experience and curiosity meet.
Dynamism and flexibility combined with high integrity are the basic requirements for us to master every challenge constructively and purposefully.

Thinking in requirements opens a vast potential of creativity and enables us to find the fitting solution.

Dr.-Ing. Bernhard Kämpf

Founder, CEO, Manager Engineering

Ph. D. in airship flight mechanics and flight control (Universität Stuttgart)

Understand what you want then you will find what you need. A good specification is the best documentation.

Dipl.-Ing. Michael Reiff


Design Engineer for Software Development and Loads by German aviation authority LBA

A good team is more than the sum of its parts.

Dr. Philip Losse

Head of Quality Management

Dipl.-Math.techn. TU Berlin, Ph. D. in optimal control theory (TU Chemnitz)


Mr. Coffee

Head of Caffeine Management

Quick Mill Stretta Modell 0820 Kaffeehalbautomat

Our Milestones

a+i engineering was founded by 5 aerospace engineers and physicists in 2002. Today a+i employs experts from a wide range of disciplines at our main location Berlin-Adlershof and works tightly together with our engineering partners. That way we form a competent network to solve your most challenging development tasks.


Consulting Requirements Engineering for wind turbines (major European manufacturer)


Development of the control system for EnerKite


a+i is DIN 9001:2015 certificated


a+i employs 17 highly qualified professionals on our Adlershof office in Berlin


a+i is DIN 9001:2008 certificated


Rolls-Royce Deutschland Ltd. and Co. KG. selects a+i as "Preferred Supplier Control Systems Engineering"


World first autonomous flight of a kite. First autonomous control of the FESTO Cyberkite (flight control and system diagnostics)

The first years

  • Consulting BMW, modelling and simulation
  • Consulting Boeing, simulation and virtual systems integration
  • Development of consulting, control- and system design


Founding of a+i engineering GbR in Berlin