System Development - Safe and Reliable

a+i engineering

We meet your challenges with analytical and model-based approaches, structured methodical procedures and rigorous quality standards. We support you in the development of new technological products, systems and processes.

Standardised processes, modern methods of systems engineering and controls theory, consequent requirements-, project-, quality-, and risk management and careful documentation result in traceable and standardisable solutions.

With our experience in model-, requirements- and data management we guarantee that experience and know-how are captured in a traceable manner and can be incorporated into subsequent developments.

Let us develop better products together.

Matlab/Simulink, Doors, Polarion, Integrity, Artisan, Enterprise Architect, SysML, ARP4754, ISO 26262, CS-E, CS-23, CS-25

Systems Engineering

System Design


Process Development


Requirements Engineering

Model-based Engineering


System Safety

Flight Mechanics / Aerodynamics


Project Management