Thesis: System Modelling

Final thesis System modelling with SysML and Simulink

This work can be done as a master's thesis or as an internship in a higher semester

Complex technical systems are described and investigated using different modelling and simulation techniques. For example, system models in SysML serve to describe the system, its interfaces, and its operations. In contrast, functional executable models (with the help of simulation tools such as Simulink, Amesim or others), the system design as well as the test and proof of the system functions.

We develop system models for complex technical systems in SysML and develop functional models in Simulink and other simulation systems. In order to be able to test the first abstract models in SysML, we create executable models in Simulink or other languages. We now want to automate this imaging process step by step. To do this, different SysML diagram types of simple models (state diagrams, sequence models, activity diagrams) are to be translated into Simulink, a general, automated translation logic defined, and prototypes created for the automated translation.

Your tasks include the analysis of SysML models and their representation in XML, the development of the transfer into a Simulink and the development of prototypes for automated modelling.

What we expect:

  • Study of engineering sciences, physics or computer science
  • advanced undergraduate studies
  • good to very good study achievements
  • Knowledge of C++, C #, Python or Matlab / Simulink
  • good English knowledge
  • Team spirit and commitment

What you can expected:

  • a demanding work environment
  • a good working atmosphere in Berlin Adlershof
  • flexible working hours
  • a good care
  • a reasonable remuneration

Please sent us an a meaningful application.


Dr. Bernhard Kämpf
+49 30 467227 - 51
or per email: